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Import Tests From CSV/XLS

If you have tests in CSV/XLS format - follow this guide to learn how to import your tests to

For now, supports import from CSV/XLS for these systems:

  • TestRail
  • Zephyr
  • Qase
  • QTest

How To Import Tests From CSV/XLS

You can use Import from CSV button on Tests page :


Or use Imports button on the side menu:


Then click on the Menu button and pick Import From CSV


Pick the format you are going to import:


Click on Choose file and pick your file:


Now click on Create button


And see importing your tests

Import From TR

Example Files For Import

Here you can find samples for each of supported formats:


Please note that this is experimental feature and some data can be imported wrongly. allows converting CSV/XLS to BDD Scenarios, where your Precondition equals Given, Step = When, and Expected Result = Then.


For this moment this feature is implemented for TestRail and QTest. But you can request it for other systems here.

Create Custom XLS For

You can create your own XLS to import your tests to There are such rules to create custom XLS files for import

Column nameContent
IDleave it empty
Titleput the title of your test here, one title per row
Statusgoes for test type manual or automated, can be blank
Folderplace here the name of the suite, and use /suite name/sub-suite name format to create suites nesting
Emojican be blank
Priorityyou can set priority to your test normal, important, high, critical or low, can be blank
Tagsplace here any tags you need, can be blank
Ownername of test owner, can be blank
Descriptionput here the description of your test, Markdown format supported

You can download the custom example file here.