Test Design

How to create a test

First of all, you need a suite to add a test to it. You can create a suite in a few easy steps:

  1. Click on Tests button.
  2. Fill the field with the name of your suite.
  3. Click on Create button.


Now that your suite is created, open it:


To add a new test to the suite you are currently in, click on New Test button.


Then input the name and the description of your test.


It is also possible to the test straightaway from this screen. Simply input the test's title and click on the Create button. You can add the description at any time later.


Repeating these steps, you can easily add as many tests as you need within a reasonable period of time.

How to add a label/tag to a test

This option is the easiest one! You simply need to add the label's name (preceeded by @ char) in the name field of the test.


And now you can see your label/tag in the test list next to the test's title.


How to add an attachment to a test

First of all, you need to open the test that you want to add the attachment to.

att 1

Click on the Attachments tab.

att 2

Add your attachment via Browse a file or simply drag and drop it.

att 3

You can also add it immediately when you edit the description of the test.

att 4

How to assign a test to a user

If you want to assign a certain test to a certain user, you should click on this user icon in the upper right corner of the window, as shown in the picture.

assign 1

Assign a user from the list of users added to the project by clicking on the user's name. Please note, that you need to make sure the intended user is added to the project first!

assign 2

Now you can see that this test is assigned to a certain user. The user icon has changed accordingly.

assign 3

How to set a priority to a test

First, you should open the test and click on the checkbox icon next to the test title, as shown in the picture.

prio 1

You will see a list of priority types

prio 2

Click on the priority type you need and you will see the checkbox changed

prio 3

Also, you will see set priority in your suite

prio 4

How to add parameters to a test

If you need to add parameters to your test you need to click on the vertical ellipsis button

param 1

Then choose Add Parameter from the menu

param 2

You will see a pop-up with instructions. Now you can add your parameters using a comma

param 3

Click on Create button to apply your parameters

param 4

You will see your added parameters on the bottom of the pop-up

param 5

And on the test description page

param 6

Drag and Drop Your Tests

You may need to move your tests within a project, for example to another suite. For this purpose, you can use drag and drop. You need to drag a test and drop it into a suite. Please note, you should drop a test to suite name on the top of the suite.


Contributors: davert