# Test Design

# How to create a test?

First of all, you need a suite to add a test to it. You can create a suite in few easy steps:

  1. Click on Tests button
  2. Fill the field with the name of your suite
  3. Click on Create button


It's time to open your suite:


You can click on "New Test" button


And add a name and a description to your test


Or you can add the test right on this screen. Simply add a name and click on Create button. You can add a description later at any time.


With these steps, you can easily add as many tests as you need in a really short term.

# How to add a label/ tag to a test?

This option is the easiest one! You simply need to add a label with @ char in the name of the test


And now you can see your label/ tag


# How to add an attachment to a test?

For this option, you need to open a test to which you want to add an attachment.

att 1

Click on the Attachments tab

att 2

Add your attachment via Browse a file or simply drag and drop it.

att 3

Or you can add it while you edit a description of the test

att 4

# How to assign a test to a user

If you want to assign a test to a user you should click on this user icon

assign 1

And choose a user (Please note, that prior the assigned user should be added to the project)

assign 2

Now you can see a user assigned to the test.

assign 3

# How to set a priority to a test

First, you should open the test and click on this checkbox

prio 1

You will see a list of priority types

prio 2

Click on the priority type you need and you will see the checkbox changed

prio 3

Also, you will see set priority in your suite

prio 4

# How to add parameters to a test

If you need to add parameters to your test you need to click on the vertical ellipsis button

param 1

Then choose Add Parameter from the menu

param 2

You will see a pop-up with instructions. Now you can add your parameters using a comma

param 3

Click on Create button to apply your parameters

param 4

You will see your added parameters on the bottom of the pop-up

param 5

And on the test description page

param 6

# Drag and Drop Your Tests

You may need to move your tests within a project, for example to another suite. For this purpose, you can use drag and drop. You need to drag a test and drop it into a suite. Please note, you should drop a test to suite name on the top of the suite.