Okta Connection

Okta authorization can be enabled via SAML. As a prerequisite a companyopen in new window for your domain should be created on Testomat.io.

Log in to Okta as Administrator and Create Application Integration


Choose SAML 2 as sign-in method


Set "Testomat.io" as the application name and click "Next"


In the next step, you need to set values for Single sign on URL. Use the following URL format and replace <COMPANY_NAME> with a name of your company (use one word).


⚠️ This word will be used on Testomat.io side for connection so please inform the Testomat.io team which COMPANY_NAME have you used.

As Audience URI (SP Entity ID) use the following value:


Replace <COMPANY_NAME> with your actual company name same as in value above.

Specify the Attribute Statements:

  • id should be set user.login
  • name should be set to user.firstName + " " + user.lastName
  • email should be set to user.email


Click "Next" to proceed.

On the lastest step check I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app


And finish the integration of application.

After interaction was saved click View SAML setup instructions


The following information is needed by Testomat.io Team to proceed with integration.

  • Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL
  • X.509 Certificate


Please copy them and send to Testomat.io team, this is required to establish connection on our side.

⚠️ To sum up this is the information Testomat.io requires to proceed integration:

  • <COMPANY_NAME> value
  • Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL
  • X.509 Certificate

After Testomat.io team confirmed the integration you may try to invite users to the application. Use Okta interface to allow user or group access to Testomat.io application.


These users should also be invited from Testomat.ioopen in new window from a company page.

After everything is configured, and users are invited use Single Sign-On button to log in into Testiomat.io