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This CLI utility prints all tests in PHP project without executing them. Easily check the number tests and get live documentation for your tests in markdown format!

Supports PHPUnit & Codeception.

This CLI script is also used to import tests into application.


composer require testomatio/list-tests --dev


To print all tests execute list-tests script pointing to directory with tests:

php vendor/bin/list-tests test/

This will print output similar to this:

To print tests into a file execute command with --markdown option providing a filename to save info into:

php vendor/bin/list-tests tests --markdown

This command will save test list into "" file.

To show test list with links to corresponding files on GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket use PREPEND_URL environment variable and set a base URL for tests files.

PREPEND_URL= php vendor/bin/list-tests tests --markdown 

This will generate a file similar to in this repository.

Import into Testomat.ioopen in new window

This script can also import tests from PHP project into the project. Pass in TESTOMATIO API KEY of your project to import tests:

TESTOMATIO={api-key} php vendor/bin/list-tests tests 
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