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PHP Test Frameworks


composer require testomatio/reporter --dev


Get API key from Testomatio application and set it as TESTOMATIO environment variable. Run your tests withTestomatio\Reporter\Codeception extension enabled:

On Linux/MacOS:

TESTOMATIO={apiKey} php vendor/bin/codecept run --ext "Testomatio\Reporter\Codeception"

On Windows

set TESTOMATIO={apiKey}&& php vendor/bin/codecept run --ext "Testomatio\Reporter\Codeception"

Alternatively, you can add Testomatio\Reporter\Codeception extension to suite or global config. Reporter will be started only when TESTOMATIO environment variable is set:

- Testomatio\Reporter\Codeception


PHPUnit v10+ is not implemented yet

Add Testomatio\Reporter\PHPUnit listener to phpunit.xml or phpunit.dist.xml

<listener class="Testomatio\Reporter\PHPUnit" file="vendor/testomatio/php-reporter/src/PHPUnit.php" />

Run tests and provide TESTOMATIO API key as environment variable:

On Linux/MacOS:

TESTOMATIO={apiKey} php vendor/bin/phpunit

On Windows

set TESTOMATIO={apiKey}&& php vendor/bin/phpunit