# Running tests manually

# Running Tests Manually

Tests that are not automated (yet) can be executed by QA engineers in manual testing mode. In this mode, a user can check manual tests and mark them as passed or failed. It is possible to create a list of tests to check in test plan and assign users to a run.

# How To Run All Tests

To launch a Manual Test Run you need:

  1. Click on Run button on left-side menu
  2. Choose Manual Run button


On Manual Run screen you need:

  1. Pick up a testing environment
  2. Add a title (optional)
  3. Select a Test Plan
  4. Click on Launch button


# How To Create a Test Plan

If you need to create a Test Plan you should click on + New Test Plan


Now your next steps are:

  1. Add a title to your Test Plan
  2. Choose a Suite/tests
  3. Click on Save Plan button


The new Test Plan will appear on Manual Run screen


Or you can launch your Test Plan right after setting it up


# How To Filter Tests For a Test Plan

Tests can be filtered in several ways:

  1. By tags
  2. Manually picked up from existing suites


# How To Select Environment

To select a testing environment you need:

  1. Click on Environment field
  2. Choose the environment that you need


# Multi Environment Tests

Multi environment tests are used for performing the same tests in different environments. This option is very useful in cases when you need to perform testing with different types of operating systems/ browsers/ devices. They can be performed simultaneously or in a sequence. Let's get a look at this option.

# How To Add More Environments

To add more environment you need to click on the plus button


You will see a pop-up window where you should click on Add Environment button


Then click on Environment field and choose the environment that you need


Once all environments were added click on Save button


Now you have environment information updated on Manual Run screen


# How To Run Multi Environment Tests in Sequence

To run Multi Environment Tests in sequence you need to click on Launch in Sequence button


# How To Run All Multi Environment Tests

To run Multi Environment Tests in sequence you need to click on Launch All button